Human Resources

Many businesses struggle with the complexities involved in managing, inspiring, rewarding and retaining their people. Our HR experts can help you in all aspects of people management from employee incentivisation through to improved recruitment and retention. We can support large scale rapid change due to expansion or contraction and we can also steer you through the maze of employment law ensuring you are complying with all the latest regulation.

Recruitment and retention

We can help you reduce your recruitment costs, whilst increasing the quality of candidates. Through optimised employee branding we can increase the inflow of candidates, and through improved screening we can reduce interview time. We will work with you to implement key initiatives that improve your employee retention, further reducing recruitment costs.

Training and Development

The introduction of formalised training and development will extend and hone the skills of your people to mutual benefit. We work with a series of accredited partners across multiple disciplines covering everything from executive coaching to better time management.

HR Consultancy

HR Consultants can provide your business with expertise, knowledge and experience that it normally could not afford. In addition to our own principals we can introduce you to a range of individuals where specific skills are required.

Employment Law

When issues arise with employees we can help advise on best practice HR procedures, enabling you to be confident you are complying with the latest regulations. In the case of complex HR issues, or when highly specialist advice is sought, we can introduce you to lawyers specialising in employment law.

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