Joanne Bunting’s Bio

Job Title: Managing Director

With a background in finance, operations and HR, Joanne has held financial controller/director and operations director roles as well as owning and managing her own business in the retail sector. Joanne has personal experience of the challenges business owners face today and offers solutions to the thorniest of problems! Talk to Joanne about any of your support needs.

Best or most satisfying part of your job: Bringing order to chaos and helping our clients turn things around. It’s incredibly rewarding to provide guidance to a business as it grows and develops.

Recent challenge: A 40 mile hike along the Ridgeway, in one day.

Known as in the office: Lead Mechanic.

What would be your dream car to have in your Garage? Doc Brown’s De Lorean. With all our deadlines, time travel could come in very useful.

Did you know: At least once a year I take part in a major fitness challenge with 3 friends for charity. This often involves mud and running, although the next one includes cycling, hiking and kayaking. I need to find new friends 😉

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