Job satisfaction is vital to workers’ everyday happiness, as much as to the success of a business. An engaged employee who feels appreciated is obviously more likely to work more productively.

Business Garage was interested to read the CIPD’s April 2018 report on UK Working Lives:

The report focuses on comprehensive qualitative measures, rather than more traditional quantitative measures such as gross domestic product. 7 dimensions of job quality were identified:

  • Money
  • Terms of employment
  • Job design and the nature of work
  • Social support and cohesion
  • Health and well-being
  • Work–life balance
  • Voice and representation

Interestingly, the report showed evidence that two-thirds of workers (64%) are satisfied with their job overall and only 18% are dissatisfied. Having a ‘quality’ job is often more important to workers, not just the pay they receive.

However, career development was missing for almost half of all jobs, and many workers in lower social grades reported no opportunity to move up. While this perpetuates limited social mobility, 59% of low skilled and casual workers are satisfied in their jobs. Self-employment can offer a certain amount of freedom and the chance to develop skills, although it can be very difficult to diversify into other careers.

30% of workers stated that they are overloaded with 11% miserable at work. Middle managers – still often viewed by board level as barriers to progress – reported that they are often highly stressed. On a more positive note, 80% of workers have a good relationship with their manager, and 91% have a good relationship with their team colleagues.

Wellbeing is a crucial factor affecting job quality and overall more workers believe their job is a positive influence on their wellbeing. Yet nearly two thirds of workers want to reduce the hours they work.

The CIPD report also suggests improvements which can be made by employers to improve job quality, including promoting good mental health and offering flexible working – both hot topics in their own respect. Read our top tips on Wellbeing in the Workplace:

We would be interested to hear your thoughts. Are there any missing dimensions, in your view? Do you agree with the results of the report? How do-able would the improvements be for your business?


You can read the full CIPD report here: