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Thinking of outsourcing but not sure if it will benefit you? Have a look at some of the questions Business Garage gets asked all the time to help you decide.

Q: Why should I outsource?
A: To save you time and money.

You’ll be free to concentrate on running your business; focusing on growth and development and looking after your customers. If you find you are putting off all those time consuming jobs because there are more pressing matters to attend to, then outsourcing could be the answer. ‘Back office’ functions like bookkeeping and payroll are perfect to outsource as they are support activities which can be easily separated from your core business.

Outsourcing is a cost effective solution as you only pay for the time you are using. You don’t need to hire someone, so there will be no salaries to pay, no recruitment fees, no payroll costs and no employers national insurance. You also don’t have the hassle of managing another member of staff.

Q: Why should I outsource to Business Garage?
A: Because we’re very good at what we do. We have experienced and conscientious staff who know what it’s like to be at the coal face. We fully immerse ourselves in your business and don’t stop until the job’s done. Check out some of our testimonials or ask us to put you in touch with one of our clients.

Q: Can I outsource more than one service to Business Garage?
A: Yes. It’s what makes us unique. Because we have the expertise to offer such a wide range of services under one roof, you don’t need to shop around. We offer everything from Admin to Bookkeeping and HR to Payroll and can tailor a package to suit your needs. Check out the What We Offer page to see what we could help you with and give us a call.

Q: Is there anything you can’t do?
A: We’re open to anything that’s within our skill set, but if there’s something we can’t do, we have a trusted network of partners who can bridge the gap.

Q: Is outsourcing suitable for a business of my size?
A: Our services appeal to SMEs due to the cost benefits and the ready supply of expertise not available in-house. However, outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses of any size. We have a number of larger clients who outsource entire functions to us, e.g. finance and HR as this frees up space in their premises for the people who earn the money.

Q: How do we get work to you?
A: There are various options to suit you. Work can be emailed or posted to us, we can collect from you or you can pop into our offices. We’ll be working closely together so you’ll be seeing plenty of us.

Q: I need you to answer calls for me, how would this work?
A: Your calls will be answered from our office in your company name and any information taken can be delivered to you immediately. Not only that, we could manage your diary and book in appointments, take bookings or reservations and update you system or field those annoying sales calls. You keep the same phone number when calls are diverted to us so there is no danger of losing any of your already happy customers.

Q: What is the minimum amount of work I can request?
A: There is no minimum. Whether it’s a one off requirement or a weekly or monthly retainer, we can get it organised. We can also flex up or down depending on your needs as we have a team of people to call upon.

Q: How do you work out your charges?
A: We offer services at an hourly rate or alternatively a monthly fee depending on the type and amount of work required. Rates start at £25 per hour.

Q: How long does it take to put the outsourcing in place?
A: Not very long at all. Once we have any information we need from you, our IT department can have us set up and ready to go in a day or two. We’re as keen to get working as you are.


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