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Coronavirus update – return to work

As May kicks off with the cautious announcement from the government that we are past the first coronavirus peak, many businesses are starting to think about the practicalities of returning to work.


Legal changes coming soon in 2019

Is your business ready for legal changes ahead? One important and unavoidable topic affecting many businesses is Brexit, with all its uncertainty. But are you also aware of other key legislation being introduced in April this year? If you manage a business, these new rules will impact on you.


Pensions re-enrolment – it’s your duty!

Every 3 years, employers have a duty to re-enrol certain staff –  even if they have previously opted out of the pension scheme – and to re-declare your compliance. Business Garage highlights some key points. (more…)

Summer holidays are here… but is it enough?

The summer holidays are here, but are your workers taking the holiday owed to them? According to the TUC (Trades Union Congress) one in twelve UK workers are taking less than the legal requirement of 28 days’ paid annual leave per year. This can include bank holidays.


How ‘quality’ is your job?

Job satisfaction is vital to workers’ everyday happiness, as much as to the success of a business. An engaged employee who feels appreciated is obviously more likely to work more productively.


Wellbeing in the workplace

There has been a lot of buzz this year around wellbeing. With recent reports in the UK of rising obesity and diabetes, more sedentary lifestyles, and increased levels of stress and mental ill-health, wellbeing is more important than ever. But what exactly could it mean for your business? (more…)

Payroll – are you in the know?

National Payroll Week runs from 4-8 September in 2017, to recognise and celebrate the impact of payroll on business, as well as the contribution payroll makes to the UK economy. (more…)

Apprenticeships and your business

With unemployment low, resourcing is a challenge for many of our clients, who have found it difficult to attract good quality people in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. An excellent solution is to grow your own talent, through intern programmes or apprenticeships. (more…)