This weekend Cornbury Park will play host to a Monster Race or ‘mud run’ to use the more accurate term. This has been coined due to the end state of the participants and to give you an idea of how they end up in such a state here is what’s involved.

During the 10k run (or 5k if you were sensible enough to sign up for that one) entrants will encounter 50 obstacles including the Bog of Eternal Stench, Barbed Wire Crawls, Monsters Marsh, A Frame Alley, Tank Traps and Sandbag Slog. This will all take place through Cornbury Park’s scenic woodland, undulating open spaces and lakes.

Business Garage’s very own Fiona McNally will be taking on the 10k run in her efforts to raise money for Helen and Douglas House and Special Effect. Fiona and her team from the Fundraising, Care and Estates Team are hoping to raise over £2500 for their charity.

This isn’t the first time our Fiona has taken part in such an event, she completed Tough Mudder last April and Survival of the Fittest in November. Her charity work started in June 2011 when she became a HR volunteer and was quickly stolen by the Fundraising Team, they obviously saw she had plenty of energy. Along with these crazy assault courses Fiona has taken part in a skydive to raise money as well as helping people in the community with anything from gardening, home help and babysitting.

Please join us in wishing Fiona good luck for this weekend, we know she will go full throttle and be amazing.